Roulette chances

Very often, professional players in a casino go a long way around roulette, because the game is known for its distorted odds, which greatly favor the casino – stronger than any other casino games. But occasional players love the game, in fact it is one of the most popular games.

But if a player wins at roulette, the prices are usually very good. The profit that the casino makes in the game means that they can offer good payouts when it comes to it. However, because of the risk of losing, anyone interested in the game should be aware of their chances if they do not want to be disappointed.

Want unfavorable opportunities with a huge payout in case of profit? Or would you rather risk less with a higher probability of winning? If you read the following section of this article, you will gain the knowledge to make informed decisions at roulette.

Two roulette types

There are two different versions of roulette; one has 37 and the other 38 different fields, each with a number. It is possible to win 35x your bet. That should be warning enough that the house is at an advantage.

With the 37-field version (the so-called European roulette with a single 0), the house edge is 2.7%.

In the 38-field version (American Roulette – which has a single 0 but also double zero 00), the house edge is 5.6%.

The zeros are the reason that the house has an advantage at all. The more zeros, the worse your chances. Without any zeros the probability would be completely the same between house and player.

Which roulette to play?

If you play in an online casino, you have to differentiate between the games with only one zero and those with a double zero, because you will not always see the roulette wheel. Just remember, the European version has a 0, the American version has 0 and 00.

In the majority of cases, you will find roulette articles that recommend you the European version because you have better chances there (the European roulette is also known as French Roulette, which can lead to confusion).

There are certain rules when you play roulette, which can increase your odds of winning. Understanding the opportunities can help you develop useful strategies as you make your bet.

Chances and bets on roulette:

  • There are many options to make his bet on roulette.
  • The easiest bet is the solo number bet. Here you bet on a specific number between 1-35. The zeros are not intended for this purpose.
  • Solo number stakes are priced at a profit of 35: 1.
  • In European roulette the chances are 36: 1 (because of 0).
  • In American roulette, chances are 37: 1 (because of 0 and 00).

A split bet goes to two adjacent numbers. For European roulette, the odds are 17.5: 1 and 18: 1 for American roulette.

If you make the bets on red / black, odd / even, high / low then your chances at European roulette are 1.01: 1 and at American roulette 1.05: 1.

The payouts are the same for both types, but the odds for European roulette are higher. Overall, the European version is the best choice.

Choose the best bets:

With the red / black, even / odd, high / low bets, the payout rates are 1: 1. In other games, there was an equal chance of winning at the payout, which would be the case with roulette, but there were not the extra zeroes.

These stakes are the favorites in roulette because they are the safest bets, even if the payouts are not that fantastic. The payouts, as with most casinos, but now reflect the risk.

If you are looking for a bit of excitement and an excellent payoff in case of a win, then bet on a single number. Play only in relation to your balance and the time you want to play. If you go to a casino with 40 and bet 40 x 1 on a number in roulette, then you will play for about 30 minutes and then your night will end prematurely!