Strategy in Roulette

First of all, we should clarify one thing – please play roulette in a responsible manner and remember that you play it for entertainment. Contrary to the promises on various websites, roulette is not suitable for getting rich quickly and safely. Nothing is guaranteed at roulette and no one can guarantee you that you will win and so you have never read “guaranteed profit” on this website, except with the word “no” before it.

Let’s take a look at the different systems you can use. We have all the systems we write about listed in the left column. So you are welcome to fly over every page.

First of all, you have to understand the different usage patterns. These are:

  1. Labouchere – This is our personal favorite, because it is quite safe and the mathematical theory flush. It can be applied to all 50-50 bets.
  2. Martingale – This is definitely the most popular roulette strategy people are using. While you can win with Martingale in the short term, it only takes a bad luck to throw you back financially. The martingale system can be applied to all areas of the roulette field – to a certain degree.
  3. Fibonacci – This system uses a progression that is slightly safer than martingale. You only have to win half as much as you lose to be successful with the system, provided you do not catch a long distance.
  4. Paraloi – The opposite of Martingale, it involves a so-called positive progression. This means you increase your bets when you win.
  5. D’Alembert – Of all the different usage patterns you can use, this is the least liked by us. In the best case, you will receive a little change. It is nevertheless a popular strategy and therefore worth mentioning.

Put on what?

The above five systems are only guidelines for the amount you should bet. They do not help in deciding what to bet on. We will explain this in more detail later in this page. Listing each of the described system here would lead to chaos, so we would rather have drawn a complete Roulette Strategy Index, where all are listed.

We sorted the index methodically, starting with outside bets at the beginning (colors and dozens) and then progressing downwards with the higher risk usage models covering fewer numbers.

Other important things

Now that we have the systematic thinking behind us, we turn to a few things that are important in online roulette. Of course you have to be able to send money to a casino website and receive money from it. We have therefore created a roulette banking site that informs you about your various options.

Bonuses – All casinos offer bonuses when you sign up. Slot Machine bonuses are pretty big, but they are not that upbeat at roulette. That’s because you have to meet some game requirements until the bonuses are paid out, which is basically not that bad, just that roulette is not counted towards these requirements. We’ve written a page about casino and roulette bonuses to illustrate the situation.

So, if you accept a bonus, you will need to play slots to qualify for a payout. We think that’s not worth it. If you simply tell the casino that you do not want bonuses, then you do not have to meet any game requirements, which is much easier and does not limit you.