lostsoundsorchestra.org Slots Are there slot machine tricks that really work in online casino?

Are there slot machine tricks that really work in online casino?

Are there slot machine tricks that really work in online casino? post thumbnail image

There are no tricks that work 100% of the time. With some tips you improve your possibilities in the online casino. We cannot tell you a sure strategy because there is none. Casino games that run on the random principle, unfortunately, do not let you influence.

They do exist, secret casino tricks that really work. These may not bring you guaranteed proceeds, but you certainly increase the odds. The fact that they are still games of chance, there is also never a guarantee. Probabilities, chances of winning and Co are convertible. There are also statistics and strategies. Now we would not like to withhold our experience from you.

Choose a slot machine with high RTP

slot machine with high RTP

To increase the chances there is a simple trick. From the outset, bet on a slot game with a high return-to-player. For example, with a return-to-player of 96%, you will get back 96% of your bet. 4% risk remains open, and that’s on the house. Of course, an RTP of 98% is better than a return-to-player of 93%. The higher the value, the better your chances.

The payout odds are either given directly with the game or in the casinos on lists. Tip: The odds are set by the game manufacturer. The casino cannot change it. That is why the value is the same in every online casino. If you know game XY has a value of 96%, then it has this value everywhere.

Look for a game with high RTP in advance and you will automatically have higher chances. Few slot titles even have odds above 98%. These include for example the games Jackpot 6000 with 98.86%, Jackpot 3×3 with 98.10% or Blood Suckers with 98%.

Surprisingly for many players: Novolines games like Book of Ra or Merkur slots like Triple Chance do not have the best odds! So don’t leave the other software manufacturers to the left and don’t focus too much on the slot machines you still know from the gaming arcade.

Even if the return-to-player is high, a residual risk always remains. Also, you must remember that these are long-term values. Don’t expect to hit the jackpot right away. The chances of reaching this RTP value are higher if you invest €100 and play small amounts than if you bet €100 once. Give yourself the time and observe the values little by little.

Use a bonus to make winning money with it

Use a bonus

In the online casino you will receive a deposit bonus after registration or even in between. You can use this to increase your winning opportunities. However, it is important to note that the bonus is subject to certain conditions. Make sure that the earnings are not limited and that the turnover requirement is not too high. In most cases, the bonuses must be played through several times.

With a turnover requirement of 40x, you would have to play for €4,000 on a €100 bonus before a withdrawal is feasible. But still, winning probabilities are there. There is also the no deposit bonus. Here you get real money without deposit and you can play completely risk-free. The only drawback is that there are almost always limits on winnings, which are usually 50 or 100 €.

Use free spins to turn the slots upside down

Instead of bonuses, there are also free spins. These act in a similar way. You can apply them in the casino and if you get something, you have to wager the winnings several times. With free spins, there are win limits as well. In both cases, read the bonus terms and conditions at your leisure so that you know.

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