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Top 10 Online Casino Tricks

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1. Learn to accept losses

Losses cannot be avoided when gambling. Many players tend to want to make up for big losses by playing more games.

Please don’t do that! Accept your loss, stick to your loss limit and leave the online casino. You might have better luck the next day.

2. Don’t gamble with your winnings

Another very important tip for winning money in the casino: be happy when you have made a big win and cash out the winnings. Put the money aside and take a break!

Stop playing and enjoy your win. Please do not use the winnings again in the game in the next second. Remember, the bank always wins in the long run, so you shouldn’t immediately bet your winnings back to the bank.

3. Take your time

Take your time

Don’t rush into anything when looking for your favorite casino. Read through our recommendations for the best online casinos and choose a few casinos.

You take a closer look at these, first without inserts. Once you’ve decided, you can start playing. Of course you can change the online casino at any time.

4. Take advantage of play money offers

Play money offers are a good way to find out what to expect at online casinos. If you want to test the casino of your choice without obligation, open a play money account.

You get the opportunity to try out the online casino and the casino games offered there without having to spend your own money. You don’t even have to open an account everywhere.

If you have developed fun with the game and practiced enough, open a real money account – either in the same online casino or in another.

5. Live Casinos on the Internet

Check out live casinos too! There are often special bonus offers and a realistic casino experience. Instead of playing against a random number generator, you play e.g. B. in roulette or blackjack with a real dealer, with whom you are connected via webcam and casino software.

So you can see a real dealer shuffling the cards in front of you. Some players can gain more confidence and enjoy the game than in a classic online casino.

6. Take advantage of bonus offers

Let’s get back to the bonuses. All online casinos offer bonuses in the form of free spins or extra money. Sign-up bonuses in particular are often very lucrative – you should definitely consider these offers when deciding on an online casino. Again, one of the best tips for making money at the casino is to refer to the sign-up bonuses.

Find the casino with the best welcome bonus or bonus program that suits you the most. We’ve negotiated some exclusive bonuses with a few particularly reputable providers to offer our readers.

7. Alcohol is taboo

Alcohol is taboo

Just like your feelings, alcohol affects your gambling behavior. If you’ve been drinking alcohol, you become more careless. Alcohol is also offered in casinos – but that doesn’t mean that it’s a good combination.

You risk more, even though you might know better. You’re also likely to overspend recklessly when under the influence of alcohol.

It is best to leave the combination of alcohol and gambling alone. Mixing the two together is not recommended. So stay away from alcohol when you play in the online casino.

8. Not playing during commercial breaks

Playing at the online casino is fun and a good pastime. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t pick up your cell phone during the commercial break to try your luck at your favorite online slot. Treat it with respect and enjoy it – there is no time for enjoyable and thoughtful gaming during the commercial break.

9. Don’t get distracted

If you want to play in the online casino, you should concentrate on it and not get distracted.

Don’t co-stream a movie (even if it’s one of the best casino movies of all time) or let your kid show you the latest drawing they’ve made. You shouldn’t pay attention to a cooking pot either, as you will be making bets very quickly and not knowing the outcome of the game.

So it’s important that you only focus on one thing and don’t play half-heartedly. Focus on one thing: the game, the movie, or your beautiful child. After all, casino games are a pastime and not a stopgap.

10. Try to enjoy casino with friends

It can be a lot of fun to turn online casino gaming into an event and invite friends to join them in the world of online gambling and celebrate winnings.

However, if the visit distracts you too much or makes you make risky decisions, you might want to play alone. There are games, such as craps, that work best with multiple players.

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