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Soccer betting tips: 15 tips to get started betting on soccer

Soccer betting tips: 15 tips to get started betting on soccer post thumbnail image

Check out this page for 15 soccer betting tips. The world of soccer is unique, but the world of online betting is even more unique. Every bet can turn into a wonderful money profit, provided, of course, that a player bets on a correct prediction. This sounds very easy, but it is not always so. Of course, there is also the chance of losing money. Let’s start with soccer betting tips.

Below we have listed 15 useful tips for betting on soccer online. These soccer betting tips can increase the chances of winning. Nevertheless, betting always remains a risk and players can lose a lot of money.

Soccer betting tip 1. Recognize value

This first soccer betting tip is also one of the most important. Value is something complicated, in time people who bet can start to recognize where the value can be found. Suppose a player bets an amount that Ajax manages to win against RKC Waalwijk, then this player will be able to win a very small amount. This player will then ask himself whether that is worth the risk.  This person can easily look for the value, for example by taking a look at the other bets such as handicap or team goals.

Soccer betting tip 2. Don’t bet on a favorite club

When players’ favorite club is in action, they are probably quick to bet on it. Yet this is not so wise. After all, a player should always keep thinking logically, use probability calculations and have no feelings about the club playing. Sober betting is ultimately the smartest and most lucrative thing to do.

Soccer betting tip 3. Quotations

The third soccer betting tip is about quotations. Quotations already give away a fair amount about a match, but it doesn’t say everything. Quotations often tell which team is the favorite and what the course of the game is likely to look like. A player should not forget that the bookmakers guarantee themselves a profit in every match and that can also affect the odds. The more a player bets, the more he will recognize the value in the odds.

Soccer betting tip 4. High odds, smaller chance of winning

High odds

It is a huge temptation, a high odds bet. One euro can sometimes earn up to 100 euros, but how realistic is that really? Bookmakers know what they are doing and will never offer these high odds just like that. A player should not be blinded by a huge amount, this one should stay calm and think logically about the bets they are going to make. By the way, combination bets are also risky, one match can ruin an entire line in one fell swoop. Should a player still want to make a combo-bet, try to include only a few matches and not 9 or so. These are important tips to take into account when betting soccer.

Soccer betting tip 5. Betting out of boredom

This is not really a tip but more advice about soccer betting. Never ever go betting out of boredom or to seek excitement. This can be really terrible for a player’s bankroll. When you start betting out of boredom, that player is unlikely to seek out the clubs that he or she knows about.

Soccer betting tip 6. Be knowledgeable and bet on other leagues

Knowledge about teams, tournaments and leagues is essential when betting on soccer matches. Fans of the Eredivisie can therefore place a bet on nine different league matches almost every weekend, the same goes for connoisseurs of the Premier League, Serie A or Bundesliga. It also very much depends on the time of day a player decides to bet. In the morning, matches are played mainly in Asian countries, while in the middle of the night many duels are played in South America. An advantage for a player is if they bet on something they really know something about, otherwise it is just gambling. Be sure to take this tip with you for soccer betting.

Soccer betting tip 7. Practice matches

Practice matches are always interesting for an online bettor. These duels have hardly any tension, because there is nothing at all at stake. As a result, the game is often wide open and many goals are scored. In addition, amateur clubs often practice against bigger clubs, so many goals can be expected. In other words, the tip to bet on goals in soccer practice matches can simply be very profitable.

Soccer betting tip 8. Discipline

A lost bet can be quite devastating. For example, when a bet goes wrong in the very last minute or a penalty kick is missed. Painful, but not to dwell on for too long.

Soccer betting tip 9. Bankroll

Having a decent bankroll is very important when deciding to bet on soccer. Betting a tenner and hoping for the best is a tactic, but it is not very lucrative in most cases. Players who think long term and remain calm in making decisions are more likely to be successful. If someone who is going to bet will make around a hundred bets over a month, which is a lot, then this player will certainly be happy with a final profit of, say, 5% over all those bets. So put this soccer betting tip well in your back pocket.

Soccer betting tip 10. Fun

Betting can be a lot of fun! Of course it should stay that way. Do not play with money that cannot be missed and stay realistic in a goal. Becoming a millionaire with betting is probably not in the cards. There can be a nice amount left over from betting, lots of experience and the above soccer betting tips can help you with that. But there is always a chance that you won’t earn anything and lose your money.

Soccer betting tip 11. Share experiences with enthusiasts

Share experiences with enthusiasts

Sharing about betting tips, wisdom and experiences is advisable. For example, about certain leagues where there is a lot of money to be made, talented players to be drafted in upcoming matches and interests at stake. No one can store in their head all the information that is on the Internet. The best betting secrets are kept, but those who share tips with acquaintances while betting may get good advice in return.

Soccer betting tip 12. Follow transfer news in football-free periods

It is not often that there are 22 men running after a ball anywhere in the world, and betting and sharing tips about it goes on 24/7. Still, every league is down from time to time. During those periods, interesting transfers take place, which again upset all the odds for the upcoming matches. Not only because, for example, Borussia Dortmund lost a goal-scoring machine in Erling Haaland, but also because the necessary rumors prior to that transfer window can affect a player’s performance. That can be disastrous if tips about this transfer news are missing while betting.

Soccer betting tip 13. List all external factors

Another reason to keep collecting tips while betting: there are many factors beyond the 22 men and the ball that affect a match’s performance. Think of a sudden downpour of rain, causing so-called fair-weather footballers not to come home. Consider a referee who was at odds with one of the clubs the previous match: the Bas Nijhuis-Roger Schmidt clash caused the referee to whistle very differently in the next match with PSV. And of course there are transfer rumors, injuries and fatigue after European or international periods. External factors, never underestimate them when betting tips are needed.

Soccer betting tip 14. Remember the wisdom of Johan Cruijff

With tip number fourteen, we do have to refer to the Master. Read again the time-honored wisdom of Johan Cruijff, most of his quotes are directly applicable to soccer betting:

“Before I make a mistake, I don’t make that mistake” – think carefully about your bet.

“If we have the ball, they can’t score” – which teams have a lot of possession of the ball?

“You have to shoot otherwise you can’t score” – how many shots on goal does a team produce?

And the best as far as we are concerned: “Italians don’t know how to win from you, but you can lose to them” – this one speaks for itself, of course, and can provide tips while betting.

Soccer betting tip 15. Choosing the right bookmaker

In addition to these betting tips, it is worthwhile to go through a few things on this website about bookmakers. They differ among themselves, although the bookmakers that are linked are purely recognized betting companies, which have safety and reliability as their top priorities. By the way, we have subjected them all to a strict ranking, complete with report ratings for bonus terms, odds, payment options and support (customer service and accessibility). These, like these betting tips, are mostly good to excellent.

Online soccer betting on various leagues

When betting on soccer online, it is important that you look and bet at a reliable betting site. Because there is a wide range of websites where you can bet, we have a list of leagues you can bet on. You can bet and gamble on soccer results in all these leagues.

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